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Checking Out Places to Go?  

That's what this site is about!  It's a collection of personal experiences related to places we visited in Europe and Asia between 2001 and the summer of 2005 (please see note below).  Places large and small, familiar and obscure, active and happenin' to quiet and relaxing.  The site contains almost 300 articles and stories with over 2,500 photographs, so what we saw is what you get!  Enjoy and welcome aboard!

Travelogues -- A sampling of my travelogues!


Copenhagen. This city has it all -- gorgeous castles like the Rosenborg Slot, majestic Parliament buildings such as the Christiansborg Palace, a grand citadel complete with old-style cannons and kasernes, massive market squares, the famously colorful Nyhavn inner harbor, and the reknowned sculpture of the "Little Mermaid" perched on a rock just off the shore.  For families, there is the Tivoli Amusement Park in the center of town.  And there is so much more... What can one say, it's huge!

E-Cards!  Includes eighteen cheerful winter scenes from across Europe.Send an E-card!  Click here!  Eight of them are from various Christmas Market including the biggest one in the world at Nuremberg, Germany; plus six scenes of various cities in the snow, such as the gorgeous Nymphenburg Castle in Munich.  Plus there are four beautiful alpine snow scenes, including three from the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany!  (Powered by Bravenet web services)

Cote d'Azur, France.  The famous and popular vacation district!  Beaches everywhere, gorgeous ports, sunny Meditteranean islands, and all the fish-head soup (excuse me, Marseille Cathedralbouillabaisse) you can stomach!  (Ok, maybe you have to drink some red wine first before you try it.)  Daily night trains run from Alsace to Monaco, allowing plenty opportunities from those from the shivering north to venture southward.  I took three trips to the Cote d'Azur from 2000-2002, and always had a great time.  My first trip went to Marseille (pictured), site of the famous Cathedral and the mountain-topped Church of Our Lady.  Other trips took me to wonderful Nice and Cannes during its famous Film Festival.  I also did the nearby country of Monaco, which is a protectorate of France but given its own page here.

Lists!  Everybody loves lists!  Here are a series of lists we compiled over the past couple years that can give you some ideas for future travel destinations.  Things like 10 Places on the Rhine. The Rhine River is Germany's signature river, although the Swiss certainly have reason to claim fame from it. 10 European Getaways. Here are ten European cities you probably never heard of -- but worth putting on your summer vacation list. 10 German Getaways. Here is a companion list exclusively for Germany. 10 War Memorials. For Memorial Day, here is a list of interesting and different war memorials found across Europe.


Saxony The state of Saxony in the former Eastern Germany is covered with fantastic mountainous terrain and the peaceful setting of the Elbe Semper Oper Haus in DresdenRiver.  Saxony's major destinations are very well-known -- the gorgeous royal city of Dresden with its impressive Semper Oper Haus, the Zwinger hall with the massive Crown Tower (Kronentor) entrance, and Pillnitz Castle; and the former Prussian stronghold of Leipzig with its old town hall and immense war monument.

Feature Stories -- Special Events or Subjects

Bad Canstatter VolksfestStuttgart is home to the second largest beer festival in GermaBad Canstatter Volksfestny after the Oktoberfest.  Running concurrently with the Munich affair, the Bad Canstatter Volksfest draws a more local crowd and is lower-key, but every bit as fun and musical.  Plus, the Volksfest also hosts the Baden-Württemberg Agricultural Exhibition which has lots of animals and big equipment -- a great family event!

BrusselsThe capital city of Belgium is one of the most impressive of European capitals.  Brussels has some extraordinary architecture like the Royal brussels_04.jpg (30624 bytes) Palace and gaudy Grote Markt, the grand museums of the Cinquantenaire (pictured), and the many beautiful churches.  Brussels is art, music, and science (the massive and odd-looking Atomium, for example) at far cheaper prices than Paris.  I tried to do it in one day, and it was simply not possible!  Dürkheimer Wurstfest!  How odd -- the largest wine festival in Germany isn't even called a wine wurstfest_08.jpg (28824 bytes)festival!?!  True story.  The German Wine Road city of Bad Dürkheim's festival is called the wurstfest, or sausage festival, even though the quantity of wine sold far exceeds the number of sausages consumed at this affair.  Thousands upon thousand congregate on this small Rheinland-Pfalz town each September to participate in this lively event!
Amsterdam.  This is one of the most incredible experiences you will find anywhere -- the fabled canals The Rijksmuseumscattered throughout the city, the beautiful brick houses with individually decorated gables, the massive market squares and art museums, the wonderful harbor, and the infamous (and I do mean infamous) red-light district.  It's also got the largest bike garage I've ever seen, some of the most wonderful seafood restaurants around, and some absolutely terrific shopping.  Easily requires a full weekend, maybe even a week!

Volksmarch!  I finally participated in a German Volksmavolksmarch_01.jpg (29740 bytes)rch (literally "People's Walk") in a small town not far from Heidelberg. These organized walking events are held all over the country and some people take them very seriously, trying to hit as many as they can. For others, it's just a great excuse to get some good exercise. For me, it was a lot of fun, and I'll probably do it again!  Find out what they are all about, and why so many Americans living in Germany get into them!

Little Switzerland Region.  Luxembourg's best known and loved region, the Mullerthal is mostly medieval cities along tiny river valleys topped wVianden Castleith impressive castles, like that of Vianden (shown here).  Also in the region is the beautiful little village of Larochette with its equally-impressive castle, Diekirch with Luxembourg's famous National Military Museum (mostly populated with American equipment), and the famous abbey city of Echternach on the German border.

Other Feature stories available include:
bulletIrish Hurling -- A True Amateur Game -- learn a bit about this fast-paced, exciting, and deeply traditional sport!
bulletCannes Film Festival -- A day in the life of an Ordinary Joe at the world's greatest film festival.  What's it like?  Check it out!
bulletKecak Dance -- Going to the tropical island paradise of Bali?  You must attend a kecak performance, and here's why!
bulletLiving in Heidelberg -- Moving to Europe?  Extended business stay?  Here's an introduction to European everyday life, as demonstrated at the city where I live now!

300+ Travelogues Available for each of these 25 Countries!  Click below to access a country page!

  Austria (25) -- Bosnia and Herzegovina (1) --   Cayman Islands (1) -- --   Germany (152) --   Hungary (5) --   Indonesia (26) --   Ireland (4) --   Italy (14) --   Luxembourg (6) --   Malta (3) --   Monaco (2) --   The Netherlands (5) --   Poland (11) --   Singapore (4) --   Slovakia (3) --   Slovenia (3) --   Switzerland (13) --   United Kingdom (4) --   Vatican City (Holy See) (1)


Dear Visitors, Please Note:

This site has not been maintained since August 2004.  We have kept the site on line and will post updates on occasion when we have time, but we no longer live in Europe and cannot devote the time necessary to keep this site continuously up to date.  We are about 50 travelogues in arrears and hope to catch up some day, and we also hope to include some spots around the US where we now live.  We will continue to answer questions you may have about the locations we have included, but please understand if we cannot respond promptly.

That said, we believe the site still offers plenty of useful information to help you prepare your next vacation or your tour as an expatriate overseas.  Happy reading!

Warm regards, Tom and Veronica Galvin

This page was last updated on 10/25/06.

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