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Lists! > Ten Funny Photos

10 Funny Photos

Not all the photos I take are scenic, or historic, or educational.  Some of them are very odd and/or funny -- as are the stories behind my taking them.  And so I thought I would cheer you up with some of my funniest photos.

WARNING.  Some readers may find some of the below photos to be disturbing or offensive.  Discretion advised.  I affirm these are original unstaged photos, all taken outdoors ... what you see is what I saw.

#10.  Really Bad Billboard Ideas (from Berlin, Germany)

I relegated this one to number ten, since it is already posted in the Berlin Gallery.  I encountered this little billboard just a short distance from the Siegesaule, and I could not for the life of me figure out what this was selling.  One thing's for sure, though, it was designed to catch your attention.

#9.  The "Aggressive Geese" Series (from Odense, Denmark)

This one rates as a you-gotta-be-there, but I thought it was funny that not once, not twice, but three times in the same damn city in the same damn day I tried to take a picture of a beautiful nature scene with a small flock of geese in front of it, only to have the geese suddenly get up and run after me!

What do the Danes feed these things?

#8.  Modern "Art"? (from Linz, Austria)

I admit it... I HATE MODERN ART!

Think about all the beautiful statues and monuments that I present in this website.  Now imagine the Blue Danube River being graced at riverside by a whole bankfull of these hideous abstract piles of metal ... to RUST! The dudes who commissioned this project probably bought the products sold in the billboard above. 

#7.  Are You SURE You Can Handle That Thing?  (from Geneva, Switzerland)

While traveling in Geneva, I came upon the gated entrance to the United Nations headquarters.  After taking a shot of the flags, I turned to leave when I encountered an old Asian couple who eagerly offered to take my picture in front of the gate.  I thought that it would make a lousy picture, so I initially declined.  But they insisted.

Using the preview window on my camera, they instantly knew that the first shot came out a little, er, crooked, and therefore doubly insisted I go back and pose again.  And again.  Thank God electrons are cheap.

#6.  'Nuf Said (from Dungarvan, Ireland)

#5.  Attention Shoppers!  (from Zurich, Switzerland)

Because Swiss rivers are shallow and crystal clear, you occasionally find some strange things thrown in them.  But I can't for the life of me figure out the motivation behind this.

#4.  Stock Up On Your Sins Before Confession... (from Heidelberg, Germany)

... or start ringing them up for the next Sunday!

I admit that I completely cracked up when I saw this scene the day I first moved to Europe and took my first walkabout in the downtown.  Of course, nowadays finding sex shops and the like are no big deal -- yet I still rarely see them so close to a church like this.

#3.  Condoms Here!  Get'cher Condoms Here!  (from Zurich, Switzerland)

On the other hand, only once have I encountered a sex-goodies shop this brazen.  Those long balloons you see are topped with rubbers, and many of the items in the storefront window shall not be described here.  :-)

#2. Want a Job? (from Warsaw, Poland)

Hey, boy, have a got a job for you!  Easy money!  All you have to do is wear a simple thematic costume and parade around the old main square of a major European capital.

Good news is, this is the perfect job for someone with a hangover from the night before.  Judging from the jagging this gentleman was walking, that may very well have been his state of mind at the time.

#1.  Meet me at the #@$%$$#%$#@ Café! (from Odense, Denmark)

And like Zurich, Odense gets two pictures in this month's list!

The real odd thing was that this café was sophisticated, and fronted a posh shopping arcade.  One wonders what got lost in the translation from Danish...

(Yes, I realize it really says "Eye Flicking"..., but you must admit reading it right required a triple-take, right?)

(c) 2003 Tom Galvin


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