10 Winter Pics

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Lists! > Ten Winter Pics

10 Winter Pics

I've included plenty of winter pictures in my Christmas E-Cards page and my Christmas Market Features pages, but of course those were geared for the Holiday season.  So, for this winter season I thought I would whip out a slate of other winter pictures I've taken that seemed really cool or had a story with it.  Enjoy!

#10.  Arosa, Switzerland

#9.  Bischofshofen, Austria
Arosa is nestled in a high Alpine valley above the eastern Swiss city of Chur on the Rhine.  Connecting them is a 45-minute rail run that brings travelers along some fantastic mountain views such as this one. This town is best known as a world-class ski jumping venue, but on this day it was the beautiful Alpine backdrop against a perfectly blue sky that caught the attention of my camera.

#8.  Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany


#7.  Heidelberg, Germany

This picture was among many I took on a snowy February day in this classy Swabian town.  The white stuff on the roofs of these colorful half-timber homes on the main square looked like it belonged. Philosopher's Way is a tough climb in the winter time because its steep and slick, but the views are fantastic year round.  I included the summer view in my Heidelberg pages, here's what it looks like under a white blanket.

#6.  Salzburg, Germany


#5.  Arosa, Switzerland

The Salzburg Cathedral is one of the easiest churches to photograph since it is set far apart from all the other buildings in the old city.  I love this photograph with the snow around the base and the Kapuziner Kloster in the background. Ice hockey has always been my first love in sports, and kids' ice hockey tournaments are fun to watch.  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a tournament while tooling around Arosa.  I tell you, these eight-year-olds can skate!
#4.  Salzburg, Austria
The second photo from Salzburg was taken from the top of the castle, looking straight down at the hillside near some palace complex. Watching the skiiers, sledders, and skaters below was like watching a busy anthill when I was younger!

#3.  Straubing, Germany

I had several to choose from here, as it was the first Christmas Market I visited in 2003 that had snow, and it was coming down heavy!  It almost completely obscures the Jesuitenkirche in the background.  But it didn't slow down the Christmas spirit among the townfolk.

#2.  Zugspitze, Germany

From the observation deck of the "Top of Germany" you can see snow-covered mountains for miles and miles!

#1.  St. Johann im Pongau, Austria

Ah, a perfectly clean ski run on a brilliantly clear day.  The snow glistening as you race down the hillside.  What could be more fun?

(c) 2003 Tom Galvin


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