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Frankfurt (Oder)


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Click on the colored areas of the map to access a travelogue.  The colors indicate different regions of Brandenburg -- scroll down for explanation and introduction for each location. (Original map comes from the CIA World Factbook, inset map comes from

Introduction.  Brandenburg is to Berlin as Nevada was to Las Vegas.  While GermanyBrandenburg had several very interesting tourist attractions and great scenery, it was greater overshadowed by the city-state neighbor that it surrounded.  I actually heard a lot of complaints that there was Berlin, and then there was the nothing around it.  For city people, I suspected that was true, but there was really more to the region that the average traveler will miss.

State of BrandenburgMy visits to the region were several, but admittedly I'd only hit a limited number of locations.  Like so many others, I did Berlin several times over, and a number of visitors of mine have wanted me to take them there as well.  What else could I say?  It was City-State of Berlinsuch a unique place -- a totalitarian capital, then a military stronghold in the center of the Cold War, then a rival to Amsterdam as a countercultural capital.  It was never boring.

But the rest of Brandenburg had its neat places, too.  Potsdam was home to the great San Souci palace and the Cecilienhof where the famous Potsdam peace conference ending World War II was signed.  Frankfurt (Oder) was just a sleepy city on the Oder River bordering with Poland, but soon it will become one of many important crossing points as Poland expands its role in the European Union, such as joining the legion of Schengen Treaty signatories allowing open borders with Germany.

There were a couple other Brandenburg locations on my "list", both in the southeast.  The Spreewald was a popular outdoor location with lakeside concerts and mountain bike trails.  The major city in the area was Cottbus, a city best known for its baroque market squares, the Schloss Branitz, and a fabulous park.


RED:  BERLIN (6 Chapters).  The city-state of Berlin just could not be done adequately in one travelogue.  It was such a huge city with so much going on that Checkpoint Charlie in West Berlinwe broke the travelogue up into chapters on the Former West Berlin, including the Charlottenburg Palace and the shopping districts; the Unter den Linden boulevard that includes the Brandenburg Gate and Humboldt University; the remainder of the Former East Berlin, including the Museum Island; a focus chapter on the Berlin Wall including Checkpoint Charlie (shown); and a Gallery of miscellaneous photos we took from all around the city. GREEN:  Brandenburg.  Two major locations in Brandenburg are available here.  The first is Potsdam (shown), site of the famous Potsdam Conference that signalled the end of World War II in Europe, and the Glickener Bridge that connected West Berlin with East Germany (and site of many a spy moment).  Meanwhile, Frankfurt (Oder) (not to be confused with the better known Frankfurt am Main) was firmly inside East Germany, a quiet university town on the shores of the Oder that borders with Poland.

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