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Click on the colored areas of the map to access a travelogue.  The colors indicate different regions of Saarland -- scroll down for explanation and introduction for each location. (Original map comes from the CIA World Factbook, inset map comes from

Introduction.  When you are Germany's smallest state (not counting the Germany city-states), you're shaped like a running warthog, and your primary tourist attractions are industrial (the closed iron works in Völklingen and Homburg's artificially-created sandstone caves), it's a sure bet that tourists will not randomly flock your way.  Yet enough of them come for the history, and the Saarland has plenty of it.   It's industry has also risen from the ashes of the war to become one of the country's prominent commercial zones.  Better State of Saarland yet, it's forested regions have plenty of lakes and trails and small town charm.

The three travelogues in this section (two of which have not yet been posted) comprise what I refer to the "Autobahn 620" tour, three cities along Autobahn 620 from Trier to Saarbrücken that follow the Saar River.  Saarlouis and Völklingen are very clearly industrial cities, while Saarbrücken has modernized extensively while maintaining its regal past through its lovely red-brick palaces, its many churches, and its old guesthouses and manors.


GREEN:  SAARBRÜCKEN.  The city of Saarbrücken is a heavily modernized city along the southwestern boundary The New Town Hall in Saarbrueckenof Germany.  My tour  followed along a well-marked city route in honor of the Baroque architect, Friedrich Stengel who built most the city's major points of interest -- including the riverside Schloss and the marvelous Ludwigskirche.  Also, there's the huge modern marketsquares of Bahnhofstrasse and Sankt Johannesmarkt and the operahaus on Tbilisiplatz on the northbank.    RED:  The Industrial Heartland.  The Saar River valley played a very important role in Germany's history, and was hotly contested during several Voelklingen Iron Workswars with France.  Two travelogues are offered here -- one being the city of Saarlouis which was yet another wonderful example of defensive construction by the great architect Vauban.  The other is Voelklingen, site of a famous Iron Works (pictured, now a museum) listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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