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Click on the colored areas of the map to access a travelogue.  The colors indicate different regions of Schleswig-Holstein -- scroll down for explanation and introduction for each location. (Original map comes from the CIA World Factbook, inset map comes from

Introduction.  The state of Schleswig-Holstein was the isthmus between the North andGermany East Seas that connected Germany to Scandinavia.  (In fact, it was part of Denmark until it was conquered by the Prussians during their early expansion across the North.)  Dominated by weather-worn red-brick architecture that testifies to the occasionally harsh weather conditions, it is definitely more of a summer State of Schleswig-Holstein location than a winter one.

Meanwhile, the city-state of Hamburg was the gateway city-state in Germany's north that openly touts its Hanseatic past (you'll see references to 'Hansestadt Hamburg' everywhere) and its maritime present.  Hamburg was significant in that it was my first-ever night train destination.  Taking the Night Train from Free Hanseatic City-State of HamburgHeidelberg, I arrived at seven in the morning at the Hamburg, toured around, and hopped the night train home the following night.  This would become a common method for me to go long-distances to major cities where I could only afford a single day.

My other trip to the region was to the famous port city of Lübeck, located at the mouth of the Lübeck Bay.  This place was a decent year-round place, as there's lots to do independent of the weather.  The architecture there is pretty incredible, too.

Since getting to this part of Germany was difficult for me, this website is really thin on the region, and I admit not being totally satisfied with my Hamburg travelogue.  I fully intend to return there to visit some of the other major Schleswig-Holstein attractions, which include two famous islands -- the red sandstone island of Helgoland well out into the North Sea and the island of Sylt in the far northwest.  The cities of Flensburg and Kiel are also my list.


GREEN:  LÜBECK.  Lübeck was such a classic old city.  It's downtown is perched on View of Luebeck from atop a ferris wheelan island surrounded by artificial canals.  Crammed with red-brick buildings topped with pointed copper-green turrets, its look was very unique.  But more than the look, it had a number of unique museums (after all, Lübeck was where the Hanseatic League was formed), and I also had the opportunity to visit during its fall festival (always a good time)! RED:  HAMBURG.  The city-state of Hamburg was unfortunately best known as Hamburg Rathausthe site of one of the world's most famous red-light districts, St. Pauli, located right outside the main train station.  But the rest of the city was pretty nice.  One of the largest ports on the Elbe, Hamburg was mile after mile of big cranes, big boats, and big buildings -- including the big and gorgeous Hamburg Town Hall (pictured) -- and big lakes and parks (such as the popular resort lake of Aussenalster).

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