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Jimbaran -- Seafood and Sunset 


Contributed in part by Veronica Siwi

Jimbaran is a small fishing village located within a beautiful sandy bay on the southern Bukit peninsula, the most southern part of the island, that provide various Traditional fishing boats accommodations range from basic losmen to world class luxury hotels.  Tourists often flock to Jimbaran to enjoy an excellent view of the sunset and enjoy a beachside feast like none other in the world.  (More on that in a moment.)  Plus, it is sufficient secluded that it isn't normally overrun with tourists.

The first picture shows you one side of the beach.  As you can see on the background, there were many traditional fishing boats.  Most Balinese fishermen preferred to use traditional boats, and most of the seafood served on the beach was locally caught.

There were a number of activities available at various points on the bay -- surfing, windsurfing, sailing, and jet-skis were but aSeaside restaurants few of the available options.  Several of the nearby towns had fully stocked sports clubs, and the rates were very reasonable.

At night, Jimbaran's major attraction is the sunset, and dinner on the beach.  The second picture shows one of the restaurants lining along the certain part of the beach.  During the summer season, you must get to Jimbaran Bay by about 4:30pm to pick a seaside café that serves day-catch seafood and watch the sunset while your seafood is being BBQ'ed.  During rainy season, however, the occasional afternoon typhoons were scare some away -- but as Jimbaran was located so far to the south and away from the volcanoes, the rains didn't always reach.  

Many of the cafés offer a delicatessen-like array of seafood, Mmmmmm, oysters and squid and prawns, oh my! where the seafood is fresh and on display in aquariums packed in ice.  Included was several varieties of fish, clams, large prawns, and squid.  You normally order the seafood by the kilogram, and it is grilled fresh and brought to your table with potatoes, white rice and seasoned vegetables.  Balinese-style grilled seafood is spicy, so be careful.  The third photo shows our dinner the first time we went -- one kilogram each of grilled oysters with spicy sauce, prawns, and squid plus all the trimming (yes, including Balinese beer), all for about $12 for two.  Indeed, we returned a second, and a third, time during my visit to Bali, never leaving hungry!

Arriving for dinner could be a rather intimidating experience, if you aren't used to having two or three dozen young men chasing after you, trying to encourage you to eat in their restaurant.  The restaurants Beautiful Jimbaran sunset!   Aaaaaahhhhh!were all bunched together, and as the fishermen live hand-to-mouth, competition was fierce, especially during the leaner days of winter.  Frankly, the differences among the restaurants was minimal -- some offer set menus whereas others operated more a la carte, but the quality, price, and menu choices really weren't all that different.  So, don't worry about it -- my suggestion is to make up your mind early and stick with it.

And the fourth photo was the reward, the beautiful sunset.  In January, the sun set over the Bukit Badung peninsula, displaying a beautiful aurora like you see here.  During the summer, the sun sets directly over the ocean, so that's the time of year to go.  The gorgeous beach, the evening sun, and candlelight all added up to a truly romantic evening.

An evening at Jimbaran Bay is a must.  It's one of the most picturesque beaches on the island!

Trips taken 19 and 22 January 2002 -- Page last updated 28 October 2006

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