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Naples -- Captured on the Drive

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This isn't so much a travelogue of Napoli, but what I refer to as a 'drive-by shooting'.  I've been through Napoli twice, but once was as part of a bus tour (the Castle Nuovo same tour which produced the pics I have of nearby Capri and Sorrento) and the other was a night-time visit to the downtown during a one-day business trip.  Consequently, this travelogue is longer on visuals than text.

The first two pictures were admittedly taken from inside a moving bus window, which is why I'm so glad they came out at all.  The above picture is of the Castle Nuovo, which dates back to medieval times. Duomo Next is the Duomo, which is a massive hemispheric structures wrapping its arms around the Piazza del Gesł Nuovo -- the main plaza.  [When I went back on the night trip, the Duomo was alit with colored floodlights -- alternating green, red, and blue.  It gave a nice effect, but sadly was far too dim for my digital camera to pick up.]

The Borgo Marinaro was our eventual destination, as we were to head out to Capri via ferry.  Standing above it is an old, old Norman-style castle, pictured next.

Norman-Style CastleDuring my business trip, I had the occasion to take two pretty good pictures.  The Galleria below is next to the Duomo, and is reminiscent of a similar Galleria one may find in Milano -- down to the decorative tiled floor and high-class shopping.

If I have the opportunity to go back to Napoli, obviously I will write more and provide a more thorough travelogue.  Galleria But judging from what I say, and from my overall favorable impression of Italy as a travel destination, I will leave Napoli high on my places to return to.

Trips taken 3 September 2000 and 17 March 2001 -- Page last updated 01 September 2006 -- (C) 2001 Tom Galvin

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