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Roma -- A little dinky travelogue that barely scratches the surface

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Somehow, writing a travelogue that covers Colisseum the events of a single-day visit to Rome seems very unsatisfying -- because just as Rome "wasn't built in a day," neither can Rome be visited in a day!  It can't be done, because there are so many hundreds of things to see and do in Rome, you could spend a week (maybe even a month) in Rome and not feel like you did more than just 'scratch the surface'.

Naturally, if you have only one day to spend in Rome, you are probably wondering which few things must you visit.  Well, the above picture should provide a tiny little hint -- that and perhaps the mention of The "Forum" the movie "Gladiator" (ugh, my Oscar vote was with "Traffic", but that's another story).

Yes, the famous Colisseum is must do.  Not only is it a treasure in its own right, but it is nearby a number of other attractions...  just a short walk away is the following scene -- the excavation of a bunch of ruins collectively known as the Forum.  This picture gives you a flavor for the sheer size of the Forum, which consists of ancient temples, arches, and other buildings.  Trevi Fountain Also, to the left of this photograph is the Palatino, a large hill with medieval churches and other sights.  

A short distance away lies the Trevi Fountain, shown (partially) here.  This is an incredible fountain, taking up the entire face of a building, and about half a block with the pool underneath.  The Trevi is surrounded by some of Rome's finest shopping, and the nearby square is always packed full of people.

If there's another must-do place in Rome, the Pantheon would be it.  Located among a series Pantheon of huge squares in the downtown, the Pantheon is in the middle of the action -- with seas of people moving among the restaurants, shops, and hangouts.

The interior of the Pantheon is absolutely spectacular.  The next photo bears that out (and its just a teensy slice)...

Like I said at the top, Rome is such a huge and wonderful place, it is impossible to do in a single day.  The obvious attractions I include here may not be your bag,Pantheon Interior so get a good tour book and map out the types of attractions you feel you would want to do -- be it a day of Roman relics, museums, shopping, or a visit to the Holy See (Vatican City).  Or better yet, change that day-trip to a week...  then, you might not say you say everything, but could say that you tried!

Trip taken 2 September 2000 -- Page last updated 01 September 2006 -- (C) 2001 Tom Galvin

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