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IntroductionMonaco is such a tiny place it can be covered completely in a day... Monacoif you are a mountain goat, that is.  Monaco is barely four kilometers long and less than a kilometer wide, yet it is a good couple hundred meters high -- scaling all the way up very tall dolomite cliffs.  The views are so great from up top that you will want to do the climb!

Naturally, the reason people go to Monaco are not for the scenery so much as the affluence, best exemplified by the famous Monte Carlo casino, and the famous annual Grand Prix formula one race that takes over the entire country.  With two major harbors filled with huge yachts and surrounded by sophisticated shopping and eleven-star hotels, Monaco is every bit the rich playground it is purported to be.  Although I personally do not get turned on much by such open displays of wealth, it was still entertaining to spend a day walking around looking at all the fancy cars and the high-brow fashion dress.

But Monaco has plenty of things to see for "ordinary joes" like me.  The Prince's Palace, beautifully perched on a tall plateau off the coast, is absolutely fabulous.  The museums in Monaco are beautiful.  The parks and botanical gardens up top are wonderful.  And with Nice, France and the rest of the French Riviera nearby, Monaco is very accessible and worth a trip... at least once.  

Travelogues.  The two travelogues within Monaco are described below.  

Monte Carlo.  Monte Carlo is the northeast subdivision, covering most Monte Carlo Casinoof the open beach, the Port of Monaco, and much of the Formula 1 circuit.  Of course, Monte Carlo's best known monument is its beautiful Casino (pictured here), which is surrounded by some of the most incredible shopping you'll see around.  Of course, if you are going to shop, bring a bankroll with you... Monaco-Ville.  This travelogue covers the southern half of tThe Prince's Palacehe country, including the subdivisions of Monaco-Ville and Fontvielle.  The most prominent feature here is the Prince's Palace (pictured), which is the country's prime tourist attraction, offering great views of the Meditteranean and some wonderful museums and aquariums.  Also, check out the cliffside views from the highest points in the country.

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Country Links:

bulletMonaco Tourist Bureau in US
bullet US Embassy to France (and Monaco)
bullet US Consular Sheet for France (and Monaco)
bulletMonaco Consulate to US (New York) 

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