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Home Page > Travelogues > Singapore (a.k.a. Singapura)

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Click on the colored areas of the map to access a travelogue.  The colors indicate different regions of Singapore -- scroll down for explanation and introduction for each location. (Original map comes from the CIA World Factbook)

IntroductionSingapore (like Hong Kong) is a very well-known little southeast SingaporeAsian country that was formerly British and is now a major Asian economic center that flaunts its wealth, to a point.  Downtown Singapore is one steel and glass skyscraper after another.  Its shopping centers are numerous, massive, and decorative.  That it even has something called the Fountain of Wealth is an i ndicator enough, never mind the fact that it is the largest fountain in the world (so it is claimed).

Westerners seem to find Singapore the place to live and work.  In my three-day trip there, I ran into well over a dozen expatriates who live in Singapore and do business all over Asia.  After all, Singapore is clean, with an ultra modern infrastructure and a major airport.  Its outskirts are populated with beautiful villas with all the modern conveniences.  And, as Asia goes, Singapore's climate is not so bad.

Tourists and visitors will also find Singapore a great alternative to Hong Kong.  Places like Sentosa Island, the shopping centers and Clarke's Quay, and decorative traditional boat cruises give visitors plenty enough to do.  The nightlife in Singapore is great, and although no place is perfectly safe, I felt completely comfortable wandering the streets at night.

I've really hit the country about as much as I need to, so my "list" for Singapore is empty.  But if I do return, I plan to get away from the city and see the national parks in the northwest.

Travelogues.  The coloring of the locations on the map above indicate different locations in Czech Republic, as shown below.  

RED:  The City.  Downtown Singapore City is an absolute dream.  Beautiful Clarke's Quayshopping centers, tall skyscrapers, a gorgeous Chinatown, palaces and other attractions.  The travelogue on Chinatown and Clarke Quay covers the west part of downtown.  Singapore has a large and Fountain of Wealthcolorful Chinatown, and Clarke's Quay (pictured above) sits on the Singapore River and is the center of the city's nightlife.  The Raffles District covers the east coast areas where the shopping and commercial centers are, including the massive "Fountain of Wealth" (pictured below). GREEN:  The Islands.  Singapore has a number of Chinese Vessel at Kusu Islandislands, mostly uninhabited but some with old temples or other attractions.  An example is Kusu Island, which I happened upon during an afternoon trip on a huge and very Merlion over Sentosadecorative traditional Chinese vessel.  But the most famous island is absolutely inhabited -- it is Sentosa Island, which is both a historical museum and major amusement park.  Sentosa's symbol is the "Merlion", half-lion/half-fish, who's legend is told inside.  You can climb the inside of the Merlion yourself and peer out over the park through its jaws!

LinksThe below links connect you to external sites in a new window.  All links are official sites sanctioned by the national, state, or local governments unless otherwise indicated.  Links updated 10 January 2006.

Country Links:

bulletSingapore National Tourism Board
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bullet US Consulate Sheet for Singapore 
bullet Singapuran Embassy to US 


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