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Click on the colored areas of the map to access a travelogue.  The colors indicate different regions of the United Kingdom -- scroll down for explanation and introduction for each location. (Original map comes from the CIA World Factbook)

IntroductionMy travels to the United Kingdom have been rather limited to the London area, but have been numerous enough to London that I know the city pretty well.  I am hardly alone -- most of the people I know who travel to the UK go to London and never have the chance to leave the city.  Of course, for a travelogue site like mine, this is hardly helpful because everyone who runs a travelogue site that includes England probably has a London page that covers the same stuff I've included!

But to experience the UK, one must understand her history, and to understand just how much the modern civilized world owes to British influence, both positively and negatively.  Of course, on the negative side, there was the British colonization of America and the eventual independence movement leading to the formation of the United States, and the struggles in northern Ireland that date back centuries.  But on the positive side, the British Empire of the 19th and early 20th century established functioning governments in previously ungoverned or less civilized areas.  Some of the countries that the British divested in the 20th century (Malta, Cayman Islands, and Singapore on this site, along with the likes of Hong Kong, Bermuda, and Bahrain) are among the most progressive countries in so-called "third world" regions, and many of them achieved independence peacefully.  Compare these to the horrific results of other former colonies in Southeast Asia, and how some of those young nations have struggled to establish themselves after achieving independence through the sword.

Part of the result is a Britain that is decidedly multicultural, and London is a city that wears its multiculturalism more comfortably than other nations.  The city truly has every cuisine in the world represented in its many restaurants, and my experience tells me that its youth are much more world-oriented than the youth of America or the European continent.

Obviously, my "list" for the UK is pretty long -- essentially the entire rest of the Kingdom outside of London!!!  Cambridge is probably my number one target, and I would dearly love to see the cliffs of Scotland.  

Travelogues.  The coloring of the locations on the map above indicate different locations in the United Kingdom, as shown below.  

RED:  LONDON (4 Chapters).  Ah, London!  Need I say more?  One of the most fabulous modern cities, with Big BenBig Ben, the Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, the famous London Underground rail system, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, etc. etc. etc.  Most tourist guides to this city are whole tomes, so consider these four mere chapters as a condensed introduction to most of the major sites.  Along with an introductory page, I have chapters on the Tower and Bridge that give detailed information on London's major tourist draw, the Thames River zone that covers the Globe Theater, Big Ben, and the riverfront, and a City Walkabout covering several of the other sites I just listed!  This will get you started on your London journey!  

LinksThe below links connect you to external sites in a new window.  All links are official sites sanctioned by the national, state, or local governments unless otherwise indicated.  Links updated 11 January 2006.

Country Links:

bulletBritish Tourist Authority
bullet US Embassy to the UK
bullet US Consular Sheet for the UK
bullet British Embassy to US


City and Town Links:


London Tourism Board


London Home Page



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