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Tom and Veronica Galvin

Hola, and selamat datang (welcome) to our page!  

We, Tom Galvin and the former Veronica Siwi Retno Kusumaningrum, were married in the summer of 2003 after a courtship of almost three Us at Schwaebisch Hall in Germanyyears and nearly twelve thousand miles (distance between Tom's former home in Heidelberg, Germany and Vero's in her native Jakarta, Indonesia).  Here's a little introduction to each of us. 

Tom was born and raised in Wolcott, Connecticut -- sandwiched between the cities of Waterbury (the Brass City) and Bristol (home of ESPN).  He has two younger brothers and one younger sister, two nephews and one niece, along with a large extended family in Ireland, England, and the eastern US.

Tom was the transient one in his family, and his career has taken him all over the world.  He started out in computers and communications, then graduated to middle management.  Along the way, he also gained teaching experience and a few stints in 'think tank' organizations.  Some of the places he has lived include South Korea, Tom overlooking Mittenwald, Germany Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Germany -- his current home away from home.  Domiciles in the states included Pittsburgh, Augusta GA, upstate New York, and Monterey, California.

His hobbies are traveling, writing, sports (mostly ice hockey and soccer), and digital photography.  Regarding the last, he hasn't taken any formal classes, and has done very little, if any, retouching of the photos on this site.  In essence, what you see here is what you should expect to get if you go to the place yourself.  Most of the places are already impressive enough without the need for additional enhancement anyhow.

If you are looking for his philosophy on life, good luck.  He's a storyteller, not a philosopher.  The difference is that the latter lives life in the clouds, he prefers to stay grounded and work with people.  The world is great because the world is populated with great people, many of whom have Veronica Galvin views and beliefs and voices vastly different from Americans.  He is among those convinced that his purpose in life is to open the eyes and ears of others to all that the world has to offer, and the Internet is one vehicle to do so, which is why he originally built this site.

Vero (who also goes by Peo) was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, living most recently in the Patal Senayan district in the city's southwest.  She has two older brothers, plus countless relatives in the greater Jakarta area and in Yogyakarta in Central Java.  

Prior to our marriage, Vero served as a public relations officer in the Jakarta office of a major international communications and information systems corporation for six years, affording her the opportunity to travel to Singapore, Malaysia, and several locations in Indonesia.  She was also an active member of the Cavidos choir in the Church of St. John (Gereja St. Johannes Penginjil) in southwest Jakarta.

We moved to the United States in the summer of 2005 and have started a family.  Together, we have a beautiful young son, born in the summer of 2004, and are expected our second child in 2006.  Clearly, family life has come first for us, but we still travel when we can.  We plan to include some pages on US locations later as we have time.

Thank you again for reading, and hope your stay here is pleasant and informative.



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