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E-Cards of Spring Views in Germany!

Here are 18 e-cards that you can send to friends and loved ones this spring -- bright blue skies and great scenes to break away from those winter blues!  

Receiving an e-card?  See instructions at the bottom of the page.  

Clicking the photo or "Send an e-card!" accesses the Bravenet e-card page and assemble the card.  Clicking on the picture will do the same. 

Set 1 -- Scenes from Baden-Württemberg!

card_01.jpg (49341 bytes)

The Triberg Wasserfall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Germany.  Always a great place to visit in the summertime!

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card_02.jpg (51523 bytes)

The northern Black Forest city of Pforzheim is known as the Gold City, but it's southern park is filled with flowers!

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card_03.jpg (40224 bytes)

The hillside town of Schwaebisch Hall is famous for its half-timbered houses and shops lining the Kocher River!

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card_04.jpg (43646 bytes)

Speaking of lining a river, here's a brilliant shot of Tuebingen as its follows along the Neckar south of Stuttgart!

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card_05.jpg (54535 bytes)

What better than an outdoor concert to make the spring lively such as we encountered in Weinheim?

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card_06.jpg (49557 bytes)

The confluence of the Main and Tauber Rivers look beautiful from the Wertheim Castle!

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Set 2 -- Scenes from Bavaria!

card_07.jpg (37473 bytes)

The extraordinary Schloss Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg is one of the most impressive structures in old Franconia!

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card_08.jpg (36224 bytes)

The tiny walled city of Dinkelsbuehl looks really festive with the colors of spring painted on its old buildings!

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card_09.jpg (41600 bytes)

The beautiful Franconian city of Bamberg is famous for its Little Venice district and its Dom Rosengarten, shown here!

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card_10.jpg (47897 bytes)

The view of Wuerzburg from the famous Marienburg Castle is fabulous -- with the famous old bridge and other structures!

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card_11.jpg (52204 bytes)

This flowery scene of the Violin Museum in the Alpine town of Mittenwald is a charmer, as is the whole town!

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card_12.jpg (45506 bytes)

The festival town of Rothenburg o.d. Tauber is a very popular tourist destination, especially for its famed White Monday celebrations every spring!

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Set 3 -- Scenes from Hessen!

card_13.jpg (43717 bytes)

The Neckar River looks peaceful in this scene from the famed four-castle town of Neckarsteinach just south of the Odenwald!

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card_14.jpg (41898 bytes)

The Odenwald city of Michelstadt is famous for its Town Hall on stilts -- and also for its great Christmas Market (but we don't want to think about winter...)

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card_15.jpg (36728 bytes)

The Markgrafenschloss in the central Hessen city of Marburg really sticks out above the town, doesn't it?

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card_16.jpg (46688 bytes)

The impressive palace complex of Wilmhelmshoehe in Kassel has many great artificial waterfalls and beautiful scenery!

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card_17.jpg (41321 bytes)

The little city of Erbach is famed for its Baroque palace and beautiful downtown market square!

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card_18.jpg (48466 bytes)

Frankfurt am Main may be a big modern city but it has retained a lot of its old world charm!

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Page last updated 01 September 2006.  


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