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10 Winter Pics
10 Fabulous Fountains
10 Autumn Festivals
10 Places on the Danube
10 Places on the Rhine
10 European Getaways
10 German Getaways
More Memorials
10 War Memorials
10 Funny Photos
10 Beautiful Churches
10 Romantic Places
10 "Thanksgiving" Dinners
10 Market Squares

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About Us

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Lists!  Lists!  Lists!

Everybody loves lists!  And with a great number of places we've been and pictures we've taken, we get lots of questions like, "What's your Top Ten ______?"  So, we decided to accommodate.  Check out the various lists we've compiled!

Got an opinion?  E-mail us!

bullet10 Winter Pics.  Ten fabulous winter scenes from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria!
bullet10 Fabulous Fountains.  Fountains are everywhere in Europe.  Here are some of the best ... or oddest... that I've seen.
bullet10 Autumn Festivals.  Autumn is festival season in Europe.  Check out this list of fabulous festivals big and small.
bullet10 Places on the Danube.  The Danube River runs through Germany, Austria, Hungary and several other countries.  Here are 10 interesting places to visit on its journey east.
bullet10 Places on the Rhine.  The Rhine River is Germany's signature river, although the Swiss certainly have reason to claim fame from it.
bullet10 European Getaways.  Here are ten European cities you probably never heard of -- but worth putting on your summer vacation list.
bullet10 German Getaways.  Here is a companion list exclusively for Germany.
bullet10 War Memorials.  For Memorial Day, here is a list of interesting and different war memorials found across Europe.
bulletMore War Memorials!.  Ten is not enough, here's some more!
bullet10 Funny Photos.  Go enough places, you'll see a lot of weird things...
bullet10 Great Churches.  Europe is the center of modern Christianity, and its churches serve as great monuments (or museums).  Here's a sampling.
bullet10 Romantic Places.  So you think Europe + Romance = Paris?!?  Not in our opinion.  Here's 10 reasons why.
bullet10 "Thanksgiving" Dinners.  European cuisine is fantastic, but doesn't have to mean $50 plates and $100 bottles of wine.
bullet10 Market Squares.  The market square is the center of activity in many cities abroad.  This list will show how and why.

(c) 2003 Tom Galvin

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